High fun

Our aim is to be a fun and supportive learning platform for our members. A space to share knowledge and experience around the process of running an art gallery, hosting exhibitions, applying for funding, but our other talents as well. Therefore, we want to grow into a large group of creative people that can help each other out and bring a wide range of skills to the community. The idéa is then to divide us into smaller working groups who will produce exhibitions, workshops, and other things together.

Low cost

Right now we don’t have any membership fee but we are preparing to rent a showcase in the subway (T-Östermalmstorg, Stockholm). The long-term plan is to fund this space through support, but initially, the rent will be paid through a fee that will be divided among all members so that it will be a low cost for everyone. Since the contract will be signed for 6 months at the time, the membership fee will be paid for each contract period and recalculated before each renewal of the contract. So far, we have not received a clear indication of what the rent will be, but we estimate that the fee for the first period should land at a maximum of 150 SEK/month (900 SEK for the whole 6 month period).

Would you like to become one of us?

Apply through our member registration form and tell us a little bit about yourself, it is easy!

Registration for new members is always open but we only go through it twice a year, dealine for registration is 1/4 2024, so sign up if you want to become one of us!