NOVEMBER 01 - 29, 2022

Nadja Akbar & Sissela Nordling Blanco

at Best Before Collective - gallery!

Nadja Akbar
(1998) is an artist and works with sculptures primarily in glass, ceramic and metal. She investigates nostalgia as a process of grief and imitation as a way to fit in. When the link between the emotional world is lost, a child also is forgotten. Our childhood memory fades away but objects will remain. Nadja explores sculpture on a physical and metaphysical level through light, illusion and tactility. The urge to collect sentimental objects and why we value these seemingly insignificant things.

Sissela Nordling Blanco
(1988) is a graphic designer driven by curiosity, concepts and the will to experiment. She is interested in exploring the meeting between graphic design and textile with colors that stand out. Sissela lets questions and stories about migration, queerness and feminism take space in her work. Where dreams of a different society can grow even in hopeless times, by challenging the norm and creating a place where gravity and playfulness can coexist.

You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

OCTOBER 01 - 30, 2022

A group show
by BBC Members

at Best Before Collective - gallery!

We celibrate the first month in our own gallery space with a bang! A group show with a bunch of our sweet collective members.

Alexander Bäckman

Jesper Thour

Linea Matei

Jonathan Widegren

Klara Holmström

Heidi Edström

Molnia Efremov

Linnéa Brisling

Sara Arasteh

Gunilla Daga

Camila Manuelsdotter Pino

Micael de Leeuw

Jemina Asp Zayed

Mariona Miquel

Belinda Morén

Albin Josephson

Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson

Hanna Havdell

Rosita Ståhl

André Córdova Rudstedt

You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

MAY 26 - 29, 2022

A solo show
by Hilma Nordén

curated by Best Before Collective
at Supermarket Art Fair 2022.

This year, we invited Hilma Nordén to exhibit with us. Her practice explores cultural creations of nature, folklore and magic. She grew up in plantation forests, and feels a kinship with the trees of her childhood, who raised her yet silently disappear under the teeth of chainsaws. Nordén’s work acknowledges the forest beyond its timber, and investigates the constructed hierarchies and hybridities between human and nature.

Get to know more about Hilma Nordén here 

OCTOBER 14 - 17, 2021

Populating the Planet

curated by Best Before Collective 
at Supermarket Art Fair 2021.

Between the 14-17 of October, the artist Grebnellaw will take over the Best Before Collective’s stand at the Supermarket Art Fair 2021, using a red and white color code as metaphor for binary restrictions but also the concept of reduction as a vehicle for creativity. For this show the artist will continue to populate the world with their similarly titled imaginary population of fictional bodies and mutable hybrids. On display there will be a serie of digital portraits that will be translated daily into a performative happening through a personal genesis process that could be described as a continuous flow of music, form, ideas, interaction and movement.

 Get to know more about GREBNELLAW