𝟬1-𝟬9-𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 - 30-09-2023

Hyllning till den inre tonåringen

Vera Lasthein

Med utgångspunkt i mina tonårsdagböcker har jag tagit fram en karaktär som jag kallar "den inre tonåringen”. Mitt arbete är en hyllning till mitt tonårsjag och ett erkännande att hon fortfarande finns kvar i mig och gör sig synlig ibland. Tonåringen är både stark och svag, kaxig och enormt osäker. Hon känner sig missförstådd och hon känner sig som universums mittpunkt.

Instagram: @vera.keramik

Vernissage and  𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴
𝟬1-𝟬9-𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 → 𝟭8:𝟬𝟬-𝟭9:𝟬𝟬

The exhibition hosted by 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝘽𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 and @klara @micael @malin and @ros.itaglas

Engelsk text: 
Tribute to the Inner Teenager
Using my teenage diaries as a starting point, I have created a character called “the inner teenager.” My degree project is a tribute to my teenage self and acknowledges that she still exists within me and occasionally makes herself visible. The teenager is both strong and fragile, confident and immensely insecure. She feels misunderstood, and she feels like the center of the universe.

AUG 01-30, 2023


Exhibition with
Elin Sofia Julius Svanelind
and Rebecca Beyene

Elin Svanelind

Det var i perioder av depressioner som konfrontationen med identitet, sexualitet ochmeningsskapande gjorde sig påtaglig.

Jag började fundera kring den allmängiltiga leken och dess förkroppsligande av att tvingas in iförutbestämd form. Samhällets dragning till ett dualistiskt binärt tänkande som riskerar fråntaden mänskliga komplexiteten och reducera ner jaget till något ensamt och oföränderligt.

I en serie målningar föreställande lekar låter jag obegripliga fragment flyta samman med ettoavbrutet skapande som står i föränderlighet. Genom ett måleriskt utövande som rör sig mellanatt koncentrera information och upplösa i abstrakta framträdanden skapa förskjutningar. Sfärersom i måleriska avbrott skapar andrum och öppnar upp för dialog för möjligheten om parallellarörliga varanden, som ett slags tolererande-motstånd.

När politiken och ekonomin tycks frånstöta allt levande så ställde jag mig frågande ommänniskan står i frånstötande av sig själv. Ett frånstötande av intimitet, av det mänskliga när denbörjar organisera sig baserat på atomisering, på en konfektionsmentalitet, undereffektiviseringens vilseledande till masspsykos.

Akten förblir oscillerande mellan olika framträdanden och genom tolerans slutligen är. Slutligenär när kroppar tolereras istället för att avfärdas i återvändsgränden om att någon måste förblibortglömd bakom en vinnare.Jag återgick till ateljén.

Titel på målning: What would the world look like if there were no social order? What would ourlove look like if there were no fear?

År 2021-2023. Akryl och olja på duk.


Rebecca Beyene

The act of movement is involved in all my work; it is either a step into the process, or an outcome. It is also a reflection of my personal experience of moving. Over the past 2 years I have worked around the topic of home. What a home can be? That it can vary from objects to people, or even just a feeling. I express this through installation, film, sound, sculptural forms, and drawing. To be frank it has come to the point where my choice of medium is limitless. If it works with my current project, I’ll use it.

I test out different materials, and there is an intention behind the material as well. Some tend to carry a symbolic meaning that I relate to personally. However that same material can also have a universal meaning that I like to play with. Currently cardboard boxes are one of my main materials. I associated it to moving to different homes or homelessness, signs, cheap yet sturdy, recyclable. Working on a larger scale, I have created rooms or homes out of recycled cardboard boxes that allow the viewer to have a more physical experience. The piece shown with Best Before Collective, “Untitled”, less of a finished art piece and more of a sample of my process. The cardboard piece is stuck in a warm colored concrete square. It is an experimental piece but I love how a reused cardboard piece feels so valuable. I’m showing a fragment of the many fragments that are a part of my rooms and homes.

The exhibition will then be open until 30-08-2023.

You will find us at: T-Östermalmstorg (Stockholm), in the pedestrian tunnel under Birger Jarlsgatan.

JULY 02-29, 2023


a group show with...

Hanna Havdell
Murex trapa snäcka

A piece of silver, a piece of zinc, sewn together with thread and beads.
If you hold the conch close to your ear, you can hear the waves of the roaring sea even if it is so far, far away.

Thomas Hansson
the first time I ever saw the ocean

My painting is driven forward by the notion of the image, I work in large-scale series held together by a visual and conceptual idea. I explore the contemporary mythology that emerges when you interpret everyday things symbolically; a search for meaning in what is often considered meaningless. The tone of my work is usually nostalgic and I take my inspiration from folk, popular culture and the everyday.

Tomo Myrman
The salmon family

The salmon family is a playful interpretation of the traditional aquarium concept. The installation consists of a family of salmon fillets of different sizes, arranged in a way that creates the illusion of a living and swimming family. The installation challenges viewers' perceptions of what a fish tank can be, inspires them to think about the relationship between humans and the environment, and reminds us of the nuclear family in society.

Tomo studies at Hyper Island and his artistry revolves mostly around mental health, empathy and freedom.

Filip Rahim Hansson
The Dead Fish
Vinyl, spray paint, dimensions: L 55, H 33, W 15 cm

The work "Dead Fish" is one of a series of works I have made in different contexts and constellations under the title "The sea dies". By portraying marine animals, I want to show how fish and other marine animals live in disharmony in our oceans simply because we humans intrude on their symbiosis and litter and change their demographics. All materials are recycled, found or leftovers that I have taken care of.

Kajsa H. Bolve
Floating Island
sculpture hanging on wall, 45x25x40 cm (hight x width x depth)

This wall hung sculpture inspired by nature, scifi and organs is designed to resemble an extraterrestrial being hovering out from the wall.

Kajsa H.Bolve, is an artist who received her education in Norway and Belgium and is currently based in Stockholm. She explores various artistic domains, both individually and as part of the artist duo KEJSER. At Fish Tank, KHBolve presents a wall-mounted floating sculpture that draws inspiration from the realms of science fiction and nature. The piece bears a resemblance to a heart of something otherworldly. Alternatively, it could be perceived as an island waiting to be unveiled.

Tom-Hadar Elde
gouache, airbrush and flash on paper, 41x31cm

A jumble of brushstrokes forms a seaweedy irregular pattern in the background of this slightly smaller painting. In the foreground, you can use your imagination to decipher an ominous smiley in the dark bubbles. Smiled straight into the viewer's eyes.

Tom-Hadar Elde's painting is sketchy in mediums such as gouache, pastel and marker. Painterly, he shifts between different temperaments. From painting with pigment on the fingers to detailed work with long narrow brushes and calligraphy pens. The images often take the form of zoomed-in portraits with a sort of abstracted visor. The faces with clusters of movements and past which, unlike the representational moment, are created without detailed planning. There is also a relationship between creation and destruction baked into the process. Where layers of motifs on top of each other act as marks for, for example, time spans or moods. The thoughts surrounding the works revolve around three forms of consciousness, inner, outer and digital. The inner life of man from the outside and the digital humanoid vs the stone age man. It is a desire to understand other people and oneself from a perspective of our time. Were you who you are today 1000 years ago? Moves between being a head, a body or a pair of eyes with a scrolling thumb.

Jonathan Widegren

A sculpture template / sketch in clay, to possibly be cast in other materials

Belinda Morén
The immortal jellyfish
Textile och plastic

Turritopsis Dohrnii is the name of an immortal jellyfish that can reverse its aging process. Being able to undergo a process called transdifferentiation, instead of dying it can revert back to a polyp and begin the lifecycle all over again. It’s the only animal in the world that is known to be able to reverse its life cycle.

Belinda Morén's artwork revolves around topics such as nostalgia, identity, longing, belonging and community. In this work, ideas of mortality and belonging are addressed.

Siri Hagerfors

Andrej Ujházy
Digital animation, 26 seconds 1024x600

Gltithyfishj🐟🐠🦈 is an animation about a shocking compression and expression of energy.

Andrej Ujházy (1985, Slovakia) Painter based in Stockholm making images using software for showing online and elsewhere, drawing from experiences using computers for playing and working.

Alva Nissen
Sculpture 1 with yellow bathing suit: Height 35 cm, Width 35 cm, Depth 30 cm
Sculpture 2 with orange bathing suit: Height 50 cm, Width 23 cm, Depth 28 cm

About Alva: In my art I strive for playfulness, imperfection and the unexpected. My sculptures are created through a dialogue between myself and the material, and they tend to be figurative with a surrealistic twist.

Elbe Wallin
20x30 cm exkl. ram, akvarell och gouache.

To be a fish. Dream about corals. Look at oneself in plastic slowly beginning to reflect and take the shape of one’s body.

Stella Lindhagen
Size for one bell jar on a pedestal is 77cm in height and 18cm i width.

The sculpture “Gaston” consists of two inanimate objects preserved in a bell jar. Their wish is to fool you into believing that they are living flowers. Hence the bell jar, usually meant to preserve life. Their efforts somewhat fails, giving them an uncanny, surreal appearance.

Astrid Bergdahl

Three stoneware vases, inspired by medicine bottles from the 1920s in combination with wild lichen, close like a time capsule around a story about time and the movement of nature.

Astrid Bergdahl is fascinated by history that reflects humanity and she applies an often anachronistic time perspective in her narratives.

Mio Elias Halvarsson
Odjur och Korall
The beast's dimensions are 6x7x34 cm and the coral's 22x27x20 cm.

Mio Elias Halvarsson is a ceramic sculptor and craftsman based in Stockholm. His work moves in the natural and unnatural world where he relates to queer perspectives on bodies. In the absence of belonging, he builds new worlds where deviant beings can have a place.

You will find us at: T-Östermalmstorg (Stockholm), in the pedestrian tunnel under Birger Jarlsgatan.

JUNE 02-30, 2023
Best Before Collective presents 


an exhibition with
𝗝𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗕𝗿𝗼𝗿 𝗣𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗾𝘃𝗶𝘀𝘁
& 𝗙𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮 𝗠𝗲𝗹𝗴𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗷𝗼


By inviting Jesper and Fernanda, we want to open up a route for a continuous conversation about sexuality, pleasure and self-love from a female and queer perspective, situated in the public space. With the hot pulse pounding loudly through your own body, and the pulse of the subway, the movement, and the constant struggle to navigate, to find one’s own unique way and rhythm when facing a predetermined path.

𝗝𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗕𝗿𝗼𝗿 𝗣𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗾𝘃𝗶𝘀𝘁, born in 1996 in Bjursås, Dalarna, works with identity as a form of therapy. He is interested in undefinable and queer identities and explores how these identities are conditioned in society through aesthetics, materiality, and narrative structures. Jesper starts from his own biography and lets relationships, structures, and systems he encounters move between the private and public spheres in his art.

Through various media such as painting, film, installation, and sculpture, Jesper searches for loopholes to escape the heterosexual and white logic that dominates the public sphere. In his work, he places great importance on the choice of materials and tonality. He gathers objects, scenes, folklore, and documents laden with his own history from his surroundings and let his additions constitute an additional layer. The conceptual and intuitive elements are both involved here, complementing and informing each other.


𝗙𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮 𝗠𝗲𝗹𝗴𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗷𝗼 is a Mexican maker, trained as a designer and working mainly in craft-art. She is particularly interested in the relationship between art/craft/design, culture, and behavior. Her work is normally centered on the body and social dynamics, but the themes fluctuate from death to collectiveness. She believes that the world can be a better place when using creative fields as tools for change towards a more empathetic and inclusive society.

Does making up headaches sound like a popular joke? Maybe it says something about the inability to talk to partners about what brings them pleasure?

These tools are the excuse to talk about the ”taboo” of female sexual pleasure (not sex but pleasure). It is important to note that THESE ARE NOT PENIS MINI-MONUMENTS. The shape follows the function and ergonomics of people with vaginas. Also, penises are normally attached to a person, and this project is all about self-love.

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.••._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•` `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.••._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•`

You will find us at: T-Östermalmstorg (Stockholm), in the pedestrian tunnel under Birger Jarlsgatan.

MAY 10-14, 2023
Best Before Collective presents 

Iris Nelly Matilda Bengtsson

‘Next Time We Meet On Broadway’

at Supermerket Art Fair 2023

Iris Nelly Matilda Bengtsson (1992, Sweden) works with the relationship to memory and the borderlands between seriousness and play. Her works are often poetic with a fragile and embarrassing side. During the last years she has been working with scenography, narratives and improvisation of dialogues in an attempt to see how the vulnerability of childhood penetrates into one's adult life. The musical presented at Supermarket 2023 is a personal timeline projected on the idea of the musical, as a meditation on how life fails us in our search for the epic.

Best Before Collective is a newly formed artist-run initiative based in Stockholm. We are a diverse group of artists, curators, art enthusiasts and other kinds of creators, with different backgrounds and knowledge.

Performance times:
THURSDAY   18:00
FRIDAY         18:00
SATURDAY   15:00
SUNDAY        -- : --

Iris Nelly Matilda Bengtsson in our booth at Supermarket Art Fair 2023

MAY 02 - 30, 2023

Breathe through glass

by Jessica Westerberg

My method is based on faith in the process and an interest in the unexpected. Through it, I strive for a kind of mutual understanding of the material - to get to know the glass in order to be able to communicate back through it. In building that understanding, the physical interaction becomes important: power, speed, rhythm, rotation, timing, etc. In this way, I have developed an intuitive method for exploring atmospheric moods that arise from, interact with and reflect a mood of my own mind. The method is based on the properties of the glass: the plasticity of the temporarily molten glass gives an extensible formability; the transparency provides visual legibility of structure, form and layers, but also an honesty in that nothing can be hidden. The intuitive is developed in the craft - the blowing and the rotating.

The objects can be read as heads: partly as psychological beings with several layers of meaning; partly as fleshy, with organs, membranes and nerves. For me, the creation of the objects means an opportunity to reflect my own mind. The finished objects, on the other hand, project their layers of meaning onto the viewer, through how they read them.

The glass works in different ways in the finished objects, by allowing the objects to be viewed from different aspects: outside, inside and projection. These are at the same time connected by the transparency of the glass and the light that is refracted through it.

  • ●  Outside - The outside shows external form, surface, a vessel, a body. The object appears as the external image of itself.

  • ●  Inside - Thanks to the transparency of the glass, we are invited to see from the inside out; to take part in the image lived from within.

  • ●  Projection - The light and its image fall on the surroundings and the viewer. The light source, glass and projection surface also form a spatial relationship together. Through the projection, an extension and enlargement occurs that conveys and emphasizes both the materiality and the meaning of the glass - candidly, without distinction.

Visit our gallery in; the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

APRIL 04 - 29, 2023


in our gallery window at T-Östermalmstorg

In April we are appy to announce the start of another 6 month period of renting our sweet little gallery at T-Östermalmstorg with another group show with a bunch of your lovely members.


Ting Wang
Camila Manuelsdotter Pino
Hanna Havdell
Belinda Morén
Mallika Ålander
Heidi Edström
Anna Leena Prykäri
Gunilla Daga
Ko Smith
Monlia Efremov
Jonathan Widegren
Elin Alm Rosenblad
Sara Arasteh
Klara Holmström
Astrid Bergdahl
Kajsa Wikström
Lovisa Fahlgren
Albin Josephson
Linnéa Brisling
Rosita Ståhl
Siri Bertling Wilk
Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson

Visit our gallery in; the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

March 24 - 25, 2023


Performance Festival
at Fylkingen (Stockholm)

UÄÄÄH! The first scream from a newborn human. It's a cry for the malleable. A sound in the beginning of our life. A primitive exclamation that sets the vocal cords in motion.

This is a performance festival that brings performance artists and musicians together, which work with sound, text and music in various forms.

Read more at: https://uaaah.se/

March 01 - 30, 2023


Josefina Malmegård
f. 1989, Stockholm

I Reflektioner visas ett egengjort kalejdoskop med spegelglas och utklipp från diabilder som tillhör konstnärens familjealbum.

Allteftersom kalejdoskopet roterar uppstår tillfälliga formationer och mönster utifrån de fragment Malmegård valt att klippa ut och på så vis åskådliggöra för betraktaren. Formationerna återges med hjälp av en kamera placerad vid kalejdoskopets öppning.


You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

FEBRUARY 24 - 26, 2023

~ charōn ~

a members exhibition at Stadsgårdsterminalen

We push ourselves closer, towards the edge, a balance on the surface, where we can no longer get in. This is the place where we look forward to that which will never take us further. We make circles, repeat, it splashes, we get stuck, a still image, it brings the wheel deeper into the mud. We echo here. We are an eco hall, furnished with absurdities and potency. Now we linger here, and we listen. It is said that you still walk here. Let us pass the waters, over the unseen depths.


Sara Arasteh
Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson
Linnéa Brisling
Alexander Bäckman
Gunilla Daga
Heidi Edström
Molnia Efremov
Hanna Havdell
Albin Josephson
Micael de Leeuw
Camila Manuelsdotter Pino
Belinda Morén
Rosita Ståhl
Jonathan Widegren
Anna-Kajsa Wikström

Foto: José Figueroa

The event was organised by Best Before Collective, Artist-Run Network Europe, Candyland and Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the Swedish Arts Council and City of Stockholm.
Warm thanks to Lagunitas IPA!

FEBRUARY 05 - 29, 2023

för det tolfte

av Emelie Ivert & Erika Coleman

för det tolfte är en triptykväv gjord i digital jaquardteknik av Emelie ivert & Erika coleman. Motivet är baserat på deras läsning av skapelseberättelsen i den Poetiska Eddan, Vǫluspá. Genom en serie översättningar – från text till teckning, från teckning till foto, från foto till väv – har dom skapat en personlig textil gestaltning av en tusenårig mytologisk sångsamling.

Utdrag ur Poetiska Eddan, Vǫluspá

57. Upp ser hon komma

för andra gången

jorden ur havet

ljuvligt grön.

Forsar faller,

och där flyger örnen,

den som från fjället

fångar fiskar.

(Översättning: Lars Lönnroth, 2016)

You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

JANUARI 01 - 30, 2023


hos Best Before Collective...?

FÅR DRÖMMAR PLATS? är ett konstprojekt initierat av Sebastian Rudolph Jensen och drivs ihop med konstduon Speakerbreather, Carl Norén och konstnären August Kroon Andersson. Projektet har sedan i maj byggt offentliga trämonument på olika platser i Göteborg och som skapas ihop med frivilliga. Projektet lyfter kulturella platser: dåtid, nutid och framtid. RIP TRUCKSTOP! RIP FOLKTEATERN? RIP KONSTEPIDEMIN? Platser som har försvunnit, är hotade eller kanske kommer att försvinna i framtiden. Monumentet har byggts upp vid hotade kulturplatser utan tillstånd för att pressa staden till en dialog och för att uppmärksamma vad som pågår.

Det första monumentet sattes upp i maj 2022 vid Drömmarnas Kaj i Göteborg. Drömmarnas Kaj är en fri och kreativ kulturmiljö i stadens periferi som vuxit fram under sju år. I maj kom beskedet från staden att platsen skulle rivas och ersättas av en parkeringsplats. Monumentet monterades upp under några timmar av brädor, rep, stålrör och ett gammal piano. I december kom beskedet att det tagits ett politiskt beslut om att bevara den unika kulturmiljön vid Drömmarnas Kaj.

I december 2022 anordnade Får drömmar plats en manifestation för kulturen och för att stötta Folkteatern i Göteborg som hotades att bli vräkta av Folkets Hus Göteborg.

Best Before Collective har bjudit in projektet FÅR DRÖMMAR PLATS?! till vår lilla utställningsmonter i Stockholm för att uppmärksamma hur kulturen under lång tid har skuffas undan och hur viktiga platser fortsätter att hotats runt om i hela vårt långa land. Här tvingas drömmarna in i ett alldeles för trångt utrymme. Ett kolossalt monument intryckt i ett skyltfönster. Syrebrist. Det håller på att sprängas. Dåtid, nutid och framtid. Vilka platser har försvunnit? Vilka är hotade? Vilka kan bli hotade? En dystopi. En potentiell verklighet?

FÅR DRÖMMAR PLATS? är hoppfulla konstaktioner i en mörk tid där kulturen sakta kvävs.

14/1-23 annordnar vi en manifestation, läs mer här!


Bilder från “Får drömmar plats i Göteborg?”

 Läs mer här! 

14/1-23 annordnar vi en manifestation, läs mer här!






Du hittar Best Before Collectives utställningsmonter i gångtunneln under Birger Jarlsgatan, T- Östermalmtorg i Stockholm.

DECEMBER 02 - 30, 2022

Ting Wang & Ellen Aduofua Bernardsson

at Best Before Collective - gallery!


Ting Wang is graduate student of Craft! Program at Konstfack. She creates installations using performative objects to communicate her perspective on social topics including identity, social re-orientation and vulnerable groups in society.

In order to achieve the desired expressiveness, Ting dedicates to exploring interdisciplinary approaches through hands-on experiments with materials and craft techniques, as well as research on crafts from different cultures and different historical phases of development. Her work often plays with the encounter between traditional craft and contemporary aesthetics, the meetings between various cultures and the collision of emotional expression and rational narrative.




Som förstfödd fick jag namnet Aduofua, efter min farfar. Jag har bara sett ett gammalt urblekt fotografi av honom. Under sin livstid arbetade han med trähantverk. När jag först kom i kontakt med keramik fick jag veta att min gammelmormor och hennes döttrar försörjde sig som krukmakare och på handvävda korgar. Denna vetskap har kommit att betyda mycket för mig då min uppväxt varit fokuserad på integration och därmed en separation från mitt arv. Trots den begränsade kontakt jag haft med mina släktingar, binder hantverkets länk oss samman.

Mitt huvudmaterial är keramik och jag arbetar både med skulpturer och med bruksgods. Tidigare har jag utbildat mig på Mullsjö Folkhögskola, Capellagården och läser nu på Konstfack.



You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

NOVEMBER 01 - 29, 2022

Nadja Akbar & Sissela Nordling Blanco

at Best Before Collective - gallery!

Nadja Akbar
(1998) is an artist and works with sculptures primarily in glass, ceramic and metal. She investigates nostalgia as a process of grief and imitation as a way to fit in. When the link between the emotional world is lost, a child also is forgotten. Our childhood memory fades away but objects will remain. Nadja explores sculpture on a physical and metaphysical level through light, illusion and tactility. The urge to collect sentimental objects and why we value these seemingly insignificant things.

Sissela Nordling Blanco
(1988) is a graphic designer driven by curiosity, concepts and the will to experiment. She is interested in exploring the meeting between graphic design and textile with colors that stand out. Sissela lets questions and stories about migration, queerness and feminism take space in her work. Where dreams of a different society can grow even in hopeless times, by challenging the norm and creating a place where gravity and playfulness can coexist.

You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

OCTOBER 01 - 30, 2022

A group show
by BBC Members

at Best Before Collective - gallery!

We celibrate the first month in our own gallery space with a bang! A group show with a bunch of our sweet collective members.

Alexander Bäckman

Jesper Thour

Linea Matei

Jonathan Widegren

Klara Holmström

Heidi Edström

Molnia Efremov

Linnéa Brisling

Sara Arasteh

Gunilla Daga

Camila Manuelsdotter Pino

Micael de Leeuw

Jemina Asp Zayed

Mariona Miquel

Belinda Morén

Albin Josephson

Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson

Hanna Havdell

Rosita Ståhl

André Córdova Rudstedt

You may visit our gallery in the pedestrian tunnel beneath Birger Jarlsgatan, Östermalmtorg metro station in Stockholm (SWE).

MAY 26 - 29, 2022

A solo show
by Hilma Nordén

curated by Best Before Collective
at Supermarket Art Fair 2022.

This year, we invited Hilma Nordén to exhibit with us. Her practice explores cultural creations of nature, folklore and magic. She grew up in plantation forests, and feels a kinship with the trees of her childhood, who raised her yet silently disappear under the teeth of chainsaws. Nordén’s work acknowledges the forest beyond its timber, and investigates the constructed hierarchies and hybridities between human and nature.

Get to know more about Hilma Nordén here 

OCTOBER 14 - 17, 2021

Populating the Planet

curated by Best Before Collective 
at Supermarket Art Fair 2021.

Between the 14-17 of October, the artist Grebnellaw will take over the Best Before Collective’s stand at the Supermarket Art Fair 2021, using a red and white color code as metaphor for binary restrictions but also the concept of reduction as a vehicle for creativity. For this show the artist will continue to populate the world with their similarly titled imaginary population of fictional bodies and mutable hybrids. On display there will be a serie of digital portraits that will be translated daily into a performative happening through a personal genesis process that could be described as a continuous flow of music, form, ideas, interaction and movement.

 Get to know more about GREBNELLAW